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Saturday, November 8, 2008

They are the cute couple of 2008, singers Chris Breezy and Rihanna.
That their relationship blossomed so quick is a testament to young love, which knows few boundaries and is not easily stifled only by distance.
Rihanna had previously been linked to Jay-Z but the whole thing seemed a farce to sell records; and Chris Brown was drawing the attention of one Southern pop star (Ciara) and an American Idol (Jordin Sparks) before being swooped up in the Caribbean flavor of Rihanna who hails from the Bahamas.
What will the future hold for these two bashful love birds, who knows? They are awfully young (remember the quick fizzle of Ciara and Bow Wow?).
Whatever is in store, it seems these two can make a longtime go of it, if the papparazzi just leaves them be.
To Chris Brown, we say, Run It.



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