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Help. "I'm Losing My Home!"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In a record foreclosure year in 2008, states and cities, none more disturbing than like what's happening in Georgia, had record numbers of people losing their homes. But this year shows that last year was just the tip of the ice berg: a recent report says Georgia will have more than 8,400 homes auctioned off in the next month. That's a staggering increase, and does not bode well for the many families, school districts, churches and communities that house these people.
We're not talking about people who were not watching their money; we're not talking about idiots: we're talking the greatest number of displaced young black professionals since the Great Depression (and even then the segments that willingly migrated were by and large laborers).
Imagine getting a letter from the mortgage company saying that your home will be foreclosed. I actually know several people this is happening to right now. And there's no end in sight.
Again, this is going on not just in Georgia put in several cities across the nation as people - middle-class, working, yuppies, buppies - lose their homes. Do you know anybody losing their home?

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