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More White Men Dating Darker, Chocolate Women

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More white men are opting for the darker "more chocolate" black women.
My circle of white male friends are all dating or marrying not just beautiful African American women, but dark ones.
Of course, there is no hard data, but it's obvious from casual observances in the bigger cities (and smaller) over the past few years that the attraction is mutual. Make no mistake about it: This is a retreat from the nation's interracial dating history. See, historically white men preferred those closer to their complexion, although slavery shows us that they have always satisfied themselves with browner women. Now truth be told, the complexion of a human being is but a paperthin shell undependent of one's heart. It is cosmetic, superficial. But it is exactly that superficiality that people have allowed to dictate their mindset for years and years. Now, it's not rare to see a white man with a beautiful dark-skinned woman. And of course, the beautiful children they create.



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