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Finding Susan Moonsie

Thursday, June 4, 2009

There are celebrities that fall off, then there are celebrities that fall off the planet.
Susan Moonsie, former Vanity 6 mate and Prince protegee and former girlfriend, is one of them.
TV shows and radio programs will frequently do a "Where Are They Now?" segment on people who were once famous. Given the popularity of Prince, his minions and the whole Minneapolos SoundThis text in the early 1980s, interests has understandably ebbed and flowed.
But Moonsie, and her present whereabouts, have apparently been untraceable.
Untraceable to CNN, Newsweek, Vibe, Time, New York Times, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, etc. Nothing. Nada.
Her sightings are the stuff of lore.
While much has been written about Brenda Bennett and Denise Matthews aka Vanity, nary a word has surfaced as to the whereabouts of Susan Moonsie.
Is oblivion treating her well?
Has she holed up in the house of another celebrity?
Inquiring minds simply be wanting to know.
Where is Susan Moonsie?



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