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Desirée Rogers' Steez is Unstoppable

Monday, June 22, 2009

The President's Socialite-in-chief Desi Rogers is again behind the 8 ball by critics who say she's too flashy (she was wearing a top-of-the-line Vera Wang) in a down economy.
More surprising is that some of the fodder has come from the Obama camp.
When the Wall Street Journal was invited to the White House to interview Rogers it is understood that some White House cabinet members weren't too pleased when they saw the outfits that Rogers put on, outfits that they said "took away from the dignity of the White House."
In a much ballyhooed article, she was criticized for saying that she wanted to leverage "the Obama brand" which "the best brand on Earth." Ouch.
Right-wing pundits ran with it; liberal moderates politely winced, but that's Rogers.
Hailing from the New Orleans' Seventh Ward, Rogers knows how to get in where she fits in. It just so happens that a whole lot of people are mad-jealy.
Should Desi peg her outfits to what Michelle Obama is wearing that day, deliberately dressing down so as not to upstage the First Lady? What do you think?



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