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Wherefore is Eisha Brightwell?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ran across a name I hadn't heard in a minute today: Eisha Brightwell, the tall-as-an-Amazon model that Usher was dating for a while. Where is she these days?
Doing her thing in Cali, loc-style, evidently.
Last we heard from her Usher was quoted as saying that she was pressuring him ("Don't put any more pressure on me than she has, man.
We've been dating a while, but you've got to give us a little time," Usher told the media) to pop the question, and he wasnt' ready. Mind you, this was when "Confessions" was hot like fire.

Brightwell was months from breaking up with Xibit, while Usher was reeling from his fame-induced infidelities (the inspiration for "Confessions") against TLC's Chili.
Still, Brightwell and Usher were very public, but things didn't go the marriage route for some reason.
(Out of respect for Tomeka Foster, the pics won't show Brightwell and Usher together)Brightwell was most recently seen with Damon Wayans at an event earlier this year. Are they together?
We don't know.
Brightwell is still modeling, albeit smaller projects, but we may see her on the small screen pretty soon.



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