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Amy Winehouse serious about adopting black baby - FTW

Thursday, June 18, 2009

With the celebrity craze of adopting children from poor areas and countries, seems like a most unlikely celebrity has expressed a desire to take a child under their wing.
When this story broke last I week I was skeptical and well, thought she was drunk, but now I've heard she's deadly serious.
Amy Winehouse, the British Beehive, has caused a quiet storm by saying "I want a black baby."
This is like North Korea's Kim Il-Jong saying he wants to be a janitor at the nuclear facility in Wyoming.
The embattled singer has been hanging around in St. Lucia for quite a while now as she attempts to let her body heal from the drug abuse she's done for a while.
But does Amy really need a child?
I'm not saying she wouldn't be a good mother but ... she wouldn't be a good mother. I mean, alcohol is not water.
Cocaine is not alka seltzer.
The starving children she would adopt are still meatier than her and they're starving. She's not.
Amy, stick to the music, not the Mommying.



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