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Regina Hall: Laughing at Hollyweird

Monday, May 18, 2009

Actress Regina Hall is doing just fine, thank you.
Ever since her memorable debut as a stripper named Candy in "The Best Man," the D.C. native has steadily built a following on the small screen ("Ally McBeal") and big screen.
While black actors struggle to find roles on television, Hall has successfully made the jump to the big screen, with a slew of projects on the horizon, including another installment of the "Scary Movie" franchise and the teen comedy "Mardi Gras" this summer.
Critics say the roles are shallow or, worse, stereotypical, but Hall, who has a master's degree in journalism, knows how to steal a scene with the best of them.

Handpicked by Gina-Princebythewood for two of her projects, Hall has the chops to cross over in the industry and is biding her time by making her name in comedy flicks.
Is the drama coming? Sure, but in the meantime, laugh with her.



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