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Celebrity Fangs: Chicks That Could Bite Cha

Friday, May 15, 2009

Some celebrities have prominent features that make them all the more recognizable. A great number of them have pretty teeth, but not too many of them have fangs, yes, fangs. These are just a few that, if they ever bit down on you, it'd be curtains.

Lauren London is cute, but she also looks like she could easily take a pint of blood with those incisors in her mouth.

The worst chomp would probably come from Kirsten Dunst, who played MaryJane in the "Spider-Man" movies. If the films were true to life, she'd have no problem gnawing through one of Spidey's extra-strength webs. Those molars look like they could perform surgery.
Dunst looks like she can drankdrink you like a Caprisun with those little stakes. And no wonder, a tween Dunst played alongside Brad Pitt in "Interview With a Vampire" as a little vampirella if you recall. Life imitating art?



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