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Will Smith's Ex Starts Shea Butter Business

Friday, May 29, 2009

There are a host of clever business names out there, especially little cute day cares and home-based businesses that play on words and the like. Then there is Sheree Zampino-Fletcher's new shea butter business: Whoop Ash.
I didn't make that up, Whoop Ash. Sheree and obviously some ill-meaning soundboards actually thought about this and went ahead with Whoop Ash.

The product, according to the press release, contains white honey, 31% organic Shea butter, grape seed oil, organic mango butter, and organic coconut oil.
Sheree is getting her grown woman on by becoming a church lady and marrying an NFL ballplayer, Terrell Fletcher.
Meanwhile, Sheree recently got hitched and her son, who is a very good football player, and father walked her down the isle and gave her away. One thing we know: She was'nt ashy.
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