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Thursday, January 21, 2010

All this Barbies that have sprung up out of thin air in the last year should broaden their horizons: There are a host of other bad chicks in popular culture which could be emulated (Even Barbie, which debuted in 1959, had competition back then). I mean what does a plastic toy (who's never even made it to the big screen) have on animated characters and talk, walk and shake what their animators gave them? Here's a list:

Velma was looking 'Rooby, Rooby Dooo' Good

If rolling with dogs is nothing new to you, then Velma [that's Miss Dinkley if ya scrappy] of Scooby Doo fame would have been the joint to craft your image on. She rocks the sophisticated specs and was pretty much the "brains" of the crew. And did you peep that stylish turtle neck and tennis skirt?

Do you dream of 'I Dream of Jeannie'?

Barbara Eden played a genie who was 2,000 years old and a slave to an astronaunt husband played by Larry Hagman. If chicks wanted to really be 5-star in the true "I Dream of Jeannie" mode, you'd see them floating up and down 42nd Street with baggy pajama-like pants and a lace shawl talmout 'Your wish is my command.' What's that? Oh, didn't think so.

Or you can go Black to the future

When it comes to being on the cutting edge, no chick could beat Joan Jetson, one half of the tech-saavy clan that showed American television what the future, albeit animated, would look like. Joan kept her husband on the level and did it all with a cool about herself. How advanced were they? "The Jetsons" were talking on iPhones before Steve Jobs had a job.


Mary Poppins should have won out when it came to girls wanting to be someone from the light side of pop culture. Barbie can't fly. Nor can she hold a note in a 2-hour musical and tap dance, act and cry on command (You go, Ms. Poppins). Miss Poppins also inspired a certain singer from Barbados to pen a tune about her umbrella.

What about the star of "Bewitched"?

How about someone 'Bewitched'?

Perhaps for some special magic you badder than a witch? In "Bewitched," which was popular in the early 1970s, a young woman named Samantha marries a regular Joe and proceeds to spice things up a bit with her supernatural powers. If you're thinking green skin and broomsticks, think again: Samantha was a 5-star witch. Who Sam vs. Barb? Barbie wouldn't stand a chance.



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