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Nicki Minaj catching shade from female music stars

Monday, January 4, 2010

It seems the new year should be a time of refreshment, hope. But if your New York rapper Nicki Minaj, you're already the subject of some serious criticism from your peers.
Female musician and Chicago's own Kid Sister recently said, "My thing is do people take her seriously?”
While the jibe is not necessarily a diss, it does put her squarely under the microscope for even voicing her opinion in the first place.
It also puts "Barbie" in the underdog-defensive role.
The comments come after Empire-lovin' rapper LIL Mama said Nicki Minaj was "disrespectful" to black women.
Then there's the scientifically impossible gluteus of Angel Luv Lola, aka Lola Monroe, who has taken a few shots at Nicki Minaj as well ("I don't do the Barbie thing").
And all of this is even before Nicki has released an offical album.
Is the Hater juice on sale?
Or do the girls have a point?



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