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Politician: Virginity 'greatest gift you can give'

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Evidently, in Australia, a hman's virginity is not worth the breat he uses to acknowledge it. Not so though when it comes to women, according to off-center politician Tony Abbott.
Addressing a women's group, Abbot said he'd tell his own daughters that "the greatest gift that you can give someone" is your virginity.
He said the pureness, the innocence of it all would be in constrast to the blood, sweat and tears that a man gives.
Good thing Abbott was Down Under, and not in Chicago or Baltimore. That's the last thing young males need to hear is that their sperm is useless (of course, they already hear it , some for good reasons).
Of course there are those who say that what Abbott said was the truth and they see nothing wrong with it , but the fact that he prefaced his argument as if to say that male virginity was less sacred, not as much a big deal, well, that's unfortunate.



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