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Renowned economist a closet/wall freak?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Famed economist Nouriel Roubini,known for his dire predictions of the U.S. economy, is still giving the blues to Wall Street. But we hear his street is being renovated as well. Tribeca, where Jay and Bey have a place, has had some real estate shufflings as of late. We wonder if Roubini's place, you know the one with the interesting decor, was affected. Yeah, last fall it was revealed that Roubini had "plaster vulvas" on his walls. There were no pics, though, until now. Maybe this is some metaphor of some sort (Pinky cookies in a plastic bag?) or maybe it's just, well, a repressed Ivy League old dude getting his freak on.
Now, to put this in perspective, this is like Alan Greenspan revealing that he has a rare vinyl collection of NWA records. It's just so, against the grain.
But then, maybe it's just a repressed Ivy League white dude getting his freak on. I hear there are quite a few of them.



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