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Study: Pretty Women get Madder

Thursday, January 28, 2010

If you're cute then you may get kind of demonic when upset, according to University of California researchers.
Women who described themselves as pretty were more mean-spirited when it came to attacks, according to the study. They got angry more easily. Attractive women also had higher expectations that others, according to the study.
Is this really a news flash to men? I don't think so, but to some it may be, seeing how some men have simply given up going for the trophy and are content with the normal chicks and even less than normal chicks (hey, that's a good thing).
All the drama, the catfighting , the conflict, etc. can be traced to the superiority complex that these "good-looking' women supposedly have.
While that's good news for the "regular" chicks out there, some people may argue that the really "attractive" women weren't all that regular to begin with.
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