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Hottest name in Hollywood? Kardashian

Monday, January 25, 2010

In three short years, the name Kardashian has become bigger those Hollywood socialite magnets -- the Hilton girls and Nicole Richie -- that spawned them.
With their recent love lives enhancing their brand (not to mention their purses), the Kardashians are the biggest name in Hollywood these days.
Kim, who shot to notoriety after the release of a graphic sex tape of her with Brandy's brother, is so big that her tweets are rumored to be commercial advertisements that fetch upwards of $10,00 a pop (She denies it).
Kloe (known as the 'harsh' looking one) scored the hand of Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom after a courtship that lasted less than the application process for a mortgage.
And even Kourtney (the small one) has her face plastered on TV everywhere and is them mother of the bunch the after recently giving birth to a baby boy (who will no doubt soon be the first infant with a Twitter account).
The girls, quite simply, are everywhere.
But when did the Kardashian name first hit the L.A. scene?
IN the early 1970s, Robert Kardashian, a lawyer, used to hang out with the most recognizable athlete in the United States, O.J. Simpson (Ali was bigger across the world, but in the States his name was mud in alot of states).
O.J. introduced Kardashian to the Hollywood elite and they both raised kids together. The elder Kardashian left law for about a decade though, resurfacing only to aid his friend O.J. in his murder trial. He passed away in 2003 from cancer. His widow, Kris, brought another world-class athlete into the fold: Bruce Jenner.
Now, Kim is courting yet another world-class athlete, Reggie Bush: See where all this is going? The rich get richer ...



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