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Going Green: Just Exactly How Green?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Going Green" has become the biggest environmental movement in the modern age, thanks to millions of dollars in marketing in promotion. Fortune 500 companies now extol the values of "going green" and have tons of data on how environmentally conscious and friendly they are. Many of us share the underlying sentiments that made growing green so attractive in the first place: We want to live. For a long time. And we want the Earth to be sustainable. For a long time. But has "going green" become just a slogan? We hear that the automakers are going green, the corner supermarket is going green, WalMart is supposedly going green. Are they really? Are all of them really going green? I mean, I'm sure Walmart is concerned about the environment and all but will they go so green so as to sale leaf-fans from Kenya? Will the automakers, who are no doubt serious about their green-ness, do so at the expense of removing the cupholders from the new Lincoln, Avalon, Lexus and Infiniti? How about you? How green are you willing to go? Can you heat your house with firewood one night a week this winter? Is the concept of "Going Green" in itself sustainable?



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