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Nightmare on Wall Street

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Word is that the bars are full most every weeknight around the corner from Wall Street. Full of investors tossing back shot after shot. They've never seen anything like this before. And who can blame them? T'was the nightmare on Wall Street Stocks dropped off dramatically late Monday, and all through the land closing at their lowest levels in 5-1/2 years while the term "global recession" was batted around by pundits the world over. Not a creature was flush with cash not even "the Man" In the unfunny words of Ice Cube: "Are we there yet?" The dire outlook for profits has gripped investors like no other time in history. The stocks were being hung out to dry without a care Well, there was that one time in 1929, but we'll get to that. What's going on in the market today may be good. In hopes that Uncle Sam (bailout) would soon get there
Last week saw Goldman Sachs raising the axe to come down on about 10,000 employees. The children were nestled all snug in their beds Most say that's a bad thing, but there's a contingent out there that applaud the bloodletting out there as a reawakening.Before parents came in with boxes, "We've been foreclosed, we're dead!"
Wall Street 2.0, they say, will be a kinder, gentler place to do business. Yep, Mamma, with her shotgun, me with a nightcap Gone will be the shady investors looking for backdoor deals, loopholes and abstract trading strategies. Trying to stay calm, perhaps sneak in a nap In other words, Wall Street will have a heart. Believable? When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
Either way, Monday's trading was volatile. I sprang from the bed to see what's the matter? The S&P 500 is bracing for its worst month ever, save that time in 1929. Away to the window I flew in a flash; tore open the shutters and threw open the sash
Wall Street's horrendous fight is coinciding with the anniversary of the crash of 1929 in strange ways. And what to my wondering eyes should appear
The dramatic selling of Oct. 28-29 of 1929 - just like this month - kicked off widespread panic and helped spark the Great Depression. But a bald man named Paulson with a doe-eyed steer
Today, government finds itself more of a hand-holder rather than savior; Hedge funds and mutual funds have been shedding stocks like a sheep sheds wool.
What does it all mean?
We'll know soon enough, until then. Do what they don't want you to do: SAVE.



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