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5 Things NOT to do if You're Unemployed

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's face it: It's real in the field, aka it's sooo tough to find a job right now. The unemployment rate is surging with every week that goes by. If you are jobless there are things to do, and there are things NOT to do. However, by simply letting the time pass by we could be making things alot worse. So, here's how not to get the winter doldrums as your job search lengthens:

DON'T PANIC: Take a deep breath, and breathe ..... Okay, losing your mind will not make a job magically appear. Now is the time to remain calm, collected and think through your plans.

DON'T TURN TO THE BOTTLE: Yeah, we know, it's so so easy to go to the corner liquor store and get a bottle of what ails you, but it's not the answer. When you sober up, your job situation will still be there, only you will have lost time, money, and possibly gagged on yourself. HOwever, if you've got to have a drink, we'd suggest an Atomic Cocktail (vodka) as the drink of choice.

AVOID THE POLE: Making ends meet as a stripper is fast-money,
big money and easy money,
but it's also a vicious trap and dangerous as heck. To the vast majority of women who strip, they are propositioned by countless con-artists, scary geeks and pedos that try to lure them home, prostitute them or just plain rob them. The strip club is a den of thieves. Don't ever think it's an option. HOwever if you want to
install a pole in your house
there are resources available.

NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK: The adage "it's who you know," is never more true than when it comes to employment. Network in your social circle. Get out and meet people at the social hangouts that you frequent. If not in person, then do it online. There are countless job resources online that can help you, including a ton of job sites (monster, indeed, yahoojobs, etcs.).

REALIZE YOU'RE NOT ALONE: Don't be depressed because you can't find a job. Millions of people are just like you. Millions don't have the skills, experience or schooling that you have. Don't give up.


Danielle said...

LMAO @ avoid the pole. Funny. Good tips though ;-)

October 29, 2008 at 8:35 PM

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