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The End of the White-Bread American Dream

Friday, October 24, 2008

If you've been leaving in a cave in Tasmania somewhere you might not have caught it, but, the American Dream is dying. Whether it was spurred by high gas prices, two wars at the same time or just good ole fashioned corporate greed, the A.D. (American Dream) is on the way out. But what's interesting, is that it's not just any ole American Dream, specifically the white-bread American Dream: The nice truck, late-model minivan, husband-wife, 2.5 kids and dog from the terrier genus, plus home with white picket fence. Nope, outta here. Been replaced by overworked manager with suicidal teen, wife who "friends" strangers on Myspace while Daddy's at work, and the single-car family. The people we know are increasingly colorful: Indians, Mexicans, Nigerians, and less and less from ... say, Idaho. Jobs are scarce; the employed are just as scared as the unemployed; what's happening? TO BE CONTINUED.



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