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Is it Time to Go Into Survival Mode?

Friday, October 24, 2008

The stock market has officially tanked. Gas prices are on a yo-yo-roller coaster ride for the wallet. Home prices are better paid for in Monopoly money. W... the freak's going on? Is it time to scramble up some crackers, sardines and MREs and go underground? Is it time to go into survival mode? Probably not yet, but it is time to find new uses for old household items. Click here to find the whole list, but here's some tips:
Beauty and Grooming
These products are definite must-haves for many of your personal care needs.

-- Drizzle a few drops of baby oil into bathwater for a luxurious and moisture-rich spa treatment. Your skin will come out softer, which is a definite plus when the weather is dry.

-- Baby powder can serve as a deodorant, drying up excessive moisture on your palms, feet, and underarms.

-- The Black Book of Hollywood Secrets says that many celebrities, including Amanda Bynes and Angelina Jolie use baby powder on their scalp and hair to tame excess oil and to plump up limp locks.

-- Stretch perfume further by mixing a few drops of unscented baby oil with the fragrance, then apply. It enables the fragrance to wear longer on your skin.

-- Baby oil can replace shaving cream as the lubricant of choice for men or women.

Didn't know simple items could work, huh? Yep, they do.



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