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Remembering the Black Male Perm

Monday, October 6, 2008

Perhaps it was a preoccupation with European hairstyles, or a rejection of afrocentric features - whatever it was, what is undeniable is ... it happened. Yes, the Black Male Perm is well documented in American society, on record covers, concert programs and pictures throughout the homes of black families. It was big, it was bad, it was bodacious. The Black Male Perm got its start most noticably in the 1920s, when the likes of Cab Calloway and various nightclub dancers played to largely white audiences in juke joints up north. The "city slicker" look was complete with delicately coifed hair that swung with the tempo on dance numbers. It hit the American streets shortly after, transforming the culture along the way. Eighty years later their are only a few holdouts of this style, namely the impenetrable Al Sharpton (who got the look from godfather of soul James Brown). While we are thankful your time has passed, we shall never forget you, oh fondly recalled Black Male Perm.



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