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The Back to Africa movement: For You?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Spurred on by a dogged economic downturn in the United States, many African-Americans are considering going back to the Motherland: Africa.
But what if white people, fed up with the humiliating heist perpetrated by the U.S. banking system, went with them?
Surely it could be no worse than what the American family is enduring now, right?
There reasons could range from indifference toward the American financial system to a longing to go to a place where there money can buy more.
For African-Americans, the back-to-Africa movement originally became a political force by the musings of activist Marcus Garvey in the early twentieth century. Garvey saw the disillusionment of people of color and organized a platform in which black Americans could aspire to own land and settle in Africa.
Of course, today there is great emphasis on reparations to African-Americans as well. But in Africa, where will we go? Liberia, where many black Americans in fact already moved, and Ghana offer dual citizenship with black Americans to make it easier to settle.
But can we leave?



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