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Shakira joins Comcast - is Beyonce next?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Video on demand. That's the catch phrase today as Colombian music star Shikira signed an exclusive deal with Comcast to present her videos, behind-the-scenes footage and, likely, new music. The deal is meant to give cable television some much-needed leverage in the music publishing business as musicians move their content from CDs and DVDs to digital formats and video.
In a real-world example, it means if you want to see a Shakira video, Comcast has the keys, not MTV, not even the traditional music industry powers. Did we mention Comcast just moved to buy NBC?
Shakira's move comes on the heels of news that Beyonce's camp is negotiating with a Vegas hotel for a string of performances in 2010. But if Shakira is successful on cable, then Beyonce is the next logical step to tap into the lucrative video on demand market, which can be merchandised easier and quicker, instead of live concert performances.
Who will be the next music star to move to cable?



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