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Masia One: Not your average lady mic killa

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

With the state of female emceeing at an all-time low these days, Masia One, hailing from T.O., hopes to bring a little light to the situation. The Filipino rapper wants the U.S. to take her seriously, and she's doing it without showing her flesh or rapping about how ill the nana.
Masia, who has a flow similar to sLadybug Mecca from Digable Planet, is youth-oriented though. She and rapper Eternia are on an Ontario tour to reach 10,000 girls. The "Because I Am A Girl" tour will be televised -- think "Sesame Street" meets "MTV Raps" - the women will be able to reach a wider audience.
Maybe Chi-town, New York, ATL could ask for a visit from the duo? Lord knows, the youngens -- from the little girls that stuff tissue in their shirts to make them look more mature, to the boys who use pencil mascara to draw hair on their lips -- need all the help they can get.
Masia One is the illest. And you can put that on your "sideburns".

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