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Is Tiger a Dog?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

With the revelations of marital infidelity swarming golfer Tiger Woods there still is the matter of degree.
Not to minimize his unfaithfulness, but just how bad of a cheater is he? Does he have a sex addiction? Is he crazy? There are tons of questions out there. One of the more profound is there, does it even really matter?
The media (and the people who read and subscribe to them) love a good tale of hypocrisy. This is certainly it. But could it be that Tiger just got confused and let the power go to his head? Or is he just a dog (or even worse, a low-down dirty dog?
And just how big is Team Tiger, the stable of women that reportedly are acknowledging a relationship with Tiger?
One thing is certain, he may need Oprah, Jesse Jackson, Dr. Phil, and T.D. Jakes to help his image after this one.



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