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Young Money releases long-awaited album

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lil Wayne's first stab at moguldom has arrived in stores as of today. Young Money, the only supergroup in rap, has released its long-awaited album. While the members of Young Money read like a Parliament Funkadelic album, the essentials are that Wayne himself, Nicki Minaj and that mixtape king, Drake, are assembled here for a few verses interspersed with up-and-comers.
Can the public put up with another ensemble piece from a group of rappers who are still trying to find their audience? Record sales will tell.
But the outfit has something for everyone, or everygirl, that's for sure. If you like Barbies, or thugs or clever wordplay or singing, it seems to cover all bases, everything except an old English lady singing in the background.
But will it sell 1 million in the first week? Susan Boyle just did.



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