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Best of 09: Rihanna dominated the news

Thursday, December 31, 2009

No other celebrity made news like Rihanna in 2009. So what if 80% of it (well, 95%) was about a kid putting his hands on her? They say bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. And if that's true then RiRi totally took over in '09, gracing at least every magazine cover in the world with the most (in)famous image of 2009 (you know the one). Through it all, she even managed to put out a little music and even was declared a disciple of Satan. Not bad for somebody that was on hiatus for 75% of the year.

Bent but not broken, singer tries to shed her recent past

Is Rihanna getting played?

Looks like Rihanna's over it. Are we?

Blonde ambition: RiRi is golden


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