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popwife's Hot Produx for 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

When it comes to a time of gift-giving we don't see why Christmas is any different from New Years, or Sweetest Day (Detroit, stand up!), or an off day for that matter. A gift is a gift for all seasons. With that in mind here are a few favorite produx that Popwife has featured throughout the year. Enjoy.

The coolest phone. Ever

And by cool we mean that quite literally, as this 'Weather Phone" mimics the temperature so you can really feel what it's saying. If it's foggy outside, you can expect the phone's glass to fog up; if it's rainy expect water droplets between your letters. Izzat cool or what?


The Nipple Bra

Now everything you say will be "on point," if you get our drift. Speaking of drift, people will mistakenly do that as well as think that one has affected you. Oh, I meant draft. Drats!

Knuckle Comb: Give yourself a hand

Ever felt like you needed some protection and all you had was an empty can of Mace on a keychain?
Now, you can literally knock a mofo out and comb your hair at the same time.
The Knuckle Comb, designed by the Kosmos Project, combines elegance with an iron grip for the anticipating woman.
Somebody talking reckless in the movie theater? BOP!
Problem solved.
Hair stylist cut too much off "this time"? BOP!
Problem solved.
So, when are you ordering your Knuckle Comb?

Coocoo for Coco Chanel

When I first caught a whiff of a woman wearing Chanel No. 5, it took me by surprise: She flew by me -- we were passing through a duty-free shop in Toronto -- in such a hurry she didn't even notice she scarf whack me in the face.
Upon further realization, it wasn't the scarf, but the Chanel.
Debuting in 1921, Chanel No. 5 has been dubbed "the world's most legendary frangrance."
It gets its name from French madame Gabrielle "CoCo" Chanel.
Before Chanel, most perfumes were derived from natural oils such as balsam and flower extracts.

LED lashes: Bat an eye (or blinker)

The Korean art-design collective known as SooniPark has come up with a novel way to stand out at the club: LED lashes.
If you want to order some of these, please hit me up via email. Feel free to do it yourself, but you'll need to know some Korean.

The water-resistant iphone: It's (gurgle) great

If you're like me you have your Iphone connected to your hip 25/8. Instead of encouraging a balanced detachment from such electronic devices, the cool folks at
have come up with a friggin' waterproof communication apparatus.
Now, while I don't know how much it costs (I don't speak the language), another site says it retails for $32.
Want me to get you one?


ThatchickNik said...

cool gadgets ans gizmos but-er-um, cant do the nipple bra

December 27, 2009 at 3:54 AM

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