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Would hip-hop sully Sade's image?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

This month music fans were treated with new music from the sultry sound of the husky-yet-suave vocals of British-Nigerian singer Sade.
The "Smooth Operator" star is back after a decade hiatus that has seen the music industry almost tank. But unlike any other time before her, Sade is entering a music business pock-marked with hip-hop stars that sound like singers and singers that sound like rappers.
The question of features from hot rappers is a real one.
Word is that Drake even pushed his new music back so that he could make a plea to have Sade sing on it. Of course, Lil Wayne can't be far behind him, nor can Gucci Mane. But what would happen if Sade let the rappers gangbang the track?
Would it be magic or a mistake?
In essence, would hip-hop sully or dirty the image and soulfurl sound of the regal Sade?



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