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Riri: I cried when I heard Chris Brown song

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rihanna reportedly cried after hearing Chris Brown's "Changed Man", according to Rolling Stone.
The "Russian Roulette" singer was touched by the song, which has lyrics such as: I remember your touch, God, I miss you so much.
Please believe me, baby. I'm sorry.
And all this money and fame
Could never amount to every morning when I see your face.

Also, RiRi was recently strip-searched in an airport by security, according to the NY Post, which ran a photo of the actress that looked like she was shivering cold.
Are you telling me that airport security didn't recognize Rihanna? That they thought she could be a terrorist or smuggling something into the airport? Kinda strange if you ask me. I mean, we know she's a ''Good Girl Gone Bad, and all, and that she worships the devil, but come 'on, folks!
She's not riding with Al Qaeda. Yet.



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