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Are the AKAs Still Classy?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Used to be, when i was in college, that the distinctive debutantes of sororities fit into a certain archtype: The red-wearing Delta Sigma Thetas were known as "refined" sisters that weren't so much originators of class and style, but innovators. The former distinction went to the AKAs, Alpha Kappa Alpha, the "fly" sisters whose name was synonymous with class and made a point in public to be snooty rather than promiscuous. Of course there is Zeta Phi Beta, for the more down-to-earth woman and Sigma Gamma Rho for the brainy.
But with morals continuing to decay, can we expect a Greek organization that has prided itself on class to maintain a virtuous image?
The title "Are the AKAs still classy?" is actually a metaphor for the larger issue of can we - as a people - especially with having the history that we do - remain unscathed in a society of sinking morals?



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