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Google's new 'Latitude' a stalker's dream

Monday, March 2, 2009

Who we foolin'? "They" know where we are already. They know when we're on the Internet, they know what we search on the Web, they know alot. But does that mean we should let them know where we are at all times? I just removed the Google app, Latitude from my phone after trying it out for a month.
It uses GPS to broadcast your location to select friends, family, and colleagues based on the coordinates of your cell phone. Now, we all know all kinds of technology is out there.
If you have an Iphone or any phone with Google maps then that blue dot that shows you where you are will basically be broadcast to all those with access.
After I month I just thought it was TMI, and would rather ask the age-old phone question: "Where ya at?"
Is this a stalker's dream or what? Are edging closer to a surveillance society?
First it was caller ID, then it was star69, now Latitude allows people - friend or foe - to track you down precisely. Oooooh, I just got a chill just thinking about it.
So, you're out with the girls, and this dude that you forgot you "friended" a while back is back in town and clues into your coordinates and wham! - busts up your whole spot.
Now, I know some parents may say that this is a great tool for keeping tabs on their young ones or teenagers, but if so, then that's not caring that's Communism.
I got an attitude about Latitude, but is it just me?


Ms. Bar B: said...

Hell no. Its not just you! This is just crazy... right on up there with placing chips in your kids. Uh huh, I heard that someone is out there thinking that one up right now... like why the hell would I place a chip in my newborn??? We not only are living in a surveillance society, but a WTF one as well.

Great post.

March 2, 2009 at 1:31 PM

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