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The Return of Whitney Houston

Saturday, March 7, 2009

If you remember, the platinum voice of the 1980s and 1990s was not Sade, was not Paula Abdul, was not any Prince protege.
It was Whitney Houston.
Your parents grew up on Motown. But whether you know it or not you grew up on Whitney. Even if you did'nt grow up on her; you grew up on you, know what I mean?
Done with the crack-is-wack phase, the Bobby Brown phase (who is expecting a child with his girlfriend) as well, the original Cougar is back.
Famous songwriter Diane Warren has been penning tunes for her and she is impressed.
"I don't usually write music with someone in mind, but I set out to write specifically for Whitney," says Warren.
Warren said the singer's vocals, are "Seriously ... amazing. I'll tell you something, Whitney is back. Let there be no doubt!"
Whitney was relegated to backstage after marrying Bobby Brown, a move long seen as a jump across class lines. People took sides. Whitney lost friends. Powerful friends. But she could always sang.
And she's apparently back to that again: Sanging.
But do we still care?



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