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Sexual Peaks: Real or Myth?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ii hit me a few weeks ago but i never got back around to it: When a poll released in January indicated that a woman feels most beautiful at age 32 it made me think about the age-old myth: Do women have sexual peaks? And do men?
I say age-old myth because, you and I both know that if somebody dedicated themselves to pleasing you in one session, I argue that you'd surpass any so-called peak during the performance. But we've heard it all our lives "sexual peak." What does that mean?
Does it mean that after or before that age, sex is less enjoyable? Or does it mean that the person is at the height of sexual adventure and feeling?
I beg to differ on both counts.
I know teenage rabbits, if you know what I mean.
I also know old heads that can hang with the best of them.
Aaliyah was right, Throwing down aint nothing but a thang.
Which takes me back to the aforementioned survey up top. What does it mean?
Nothing, except that most women that took the survey and said they felt beautiful were around a median age of 32.
Of course, younger women can feel beautiful, as well as older, but it's interesting because a fifth of the women surveyed said they felt most attractive at age 40.
There goes that sexual peak thing again.
So, I ask you, do you believe in sexual peaks?
By the way, men have sexual peaks, too (15 - 100 years old). LOL



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