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Pictures From the 1950s: How We Were

Friday, March 20, 2009

The 1950s were a long time ago, but from these selected photos from Life Magazine we can grasp an idea of the times and how much things have changed - and remained the same Above: Dorothy Dandridge, 1950).

This is a photo by photographer legend Gordon Parks. It's a lounge/party/set of friends in 1950 just chillin'. Didn't you do this in college?

It's songstress supreme Lena Horne and composer Lenny Hayton in 1950 announcing to the world that they'd been married three years earlier.

Ahhh, color photo. This 1950 shot by Margaret Bourke-White shows us how they did it back in the day: Men wore hats more than they do now. The woman look like she's about to break out into a jit. LOL

In 1950, Jackie Robinson, who was right in the middle of being a bonafide baseball star, talked it up with wife Rachel and a little doe-eyed girl next to them. Who could it be? Ruby Dee!

In 1950, you had no idea what a screwface was until it had racial hostility attached to it: Here a group of girls hit the steps up to the school. Be honest, could you do this today? If you see a sister past 60 years old today, thank them.

Harlem Debutantes, 1950.



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