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Bebel Gilberto: Bossa Nova Lova

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

With the recent successful comeback of Sade Abu, I'm reminded of another calm-voiced starlet that has simmered just below superstardom in the States but is part of a musical legacy in Brazil and parts of South American: Bebel Gilberto.
One part Sade, the other part Sheila E., (no Bebel doesn't play drums) Gilberto learned the music business from her father, João Gilberto, who basically created bossa nova. Bebel's mother is an accomplished musician as well, having sung all over the world. But don't get it twisted, Bebel is American, born in New York City and even has the distinction of performing at Carnegie Hall at age 9.
She's got a crisp lineup of beautiful albums, adding to her catalog of laid-back music. My fave, released a few years back, is Tanto Tempo. Oh, yeah, it's in Portuguese.



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