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New TV fail: 'I'm Hotter Than My Daughter'

Thursday, February 11, 2010

From the apparent biles of lost footage from the "Jenny Jones" show comes a show so vile that Jerry Springer would close his blood-shot eyes.
Do you fight with your mother over guys? Apparently,  even outside the Appalachian Mountains, some people do.
Welcome to "I'm Hotter Than My Mother." The British show, which pits ADD-fueled young women against their flab-stomached mothers, has taken reality TV to new lows.
I mean, how low can we go if "Flavor of Love" starts looking more like Spielberg TV.
Peep the casting call:
Do you and your daughter share clothes? Do people often mistake you for sisters? Or are people amazed to discover your real age? If this sounds like you and you would like the opportunity to have a fun makeover, then please get in touch.
And you thought "Jenny" had gone the way of analog TV. (Word is "I'm Hotter Than my Granddaughter is in pre-production.)



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