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Buffie the Body unveils 'Bootynomics'

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's a monumental question: Where do washed up strippers go? When the flab is all there is left to grab, what do they do?
Well, Buffie Curruth, aka Buffie "The Body" has effectively entered overtime of her 15 minutes of fame.
She's recently came out with a barebones web site still under construction called "Bootynomics 101". Now, the obvious question is ... what is bootynomics? I can't help you with that one, what I can do though is tell you that evidently gazillions of girls want to know how to get their "hind quarters" Buffiefied.
Buffie will no doubt explain bootynomics to be a mixture of cardio and crunch exercises that bring out the bulb in the back.
Check out some of the inquiries:
All of this is pretty good if you want to be a booty-shaker, (Buffie's past life, ya know). But since she skyrocketed to fame after appearing in Tony Yayo's video, "So Seductive," Buffie has been able to write her ticket, albeit not without some criticism.
But now she's trying to go legit. But the question remains, will Middle America pay for a booty like that?



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