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Nneka: Reppin' Africa

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the sea of new music that is on the horizon this winter/spring (Sade, Erykah Badu, Nicki Minaj are all skedded to drop) comes the Afro-beat/hip-hop/soulfulness of Nneka.
Since Lauren Hill is still AWOL we've had a few activist-musicians step into the void, Nigerian-German singer-songwriter Nneka is the freshest face. Her music -- to American ears -- offers a world perspective (with a lens focused on the Niger Delta) on the pillages of the rich class and corruption so familiar to the USA.
Not since a singer named Marley have we had such an innocent, wrenching voice proclaim the injustices of people of color. It is a welcome respite from the barbiefication that is currently enveloping the U.S. music scene.
On the music scene since 2003, Nneka finally got some shine with 2008's "No Longer at Ease," which made some noise in Europe. Now, she's back with "Concrete Jungle," worldwind mix of boom bap, keyboards and conga drums.
While more folksy than Badu but more political than say, a Tracy Chapman, Nneka's album is full of heart, or should I say Heartbeat.
If you want "bling bling" or "get money," then go elsewhere. If you want the truth, then you want Nneka.



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