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Big and Fine: Full-figured is in

Thursday, February 25, 2010

If I changed the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, it'd go: "Dish water blonde, tall and foine".
Of course, blonde is optional, but the point remains: Having a little meat on the bones never hurt nobody.
Of courst the backlash against the skinny little things that model women's clothes have been going on for a while now. "Real shapes" are in, even if what that is needs interpreting. HOwever, the revolution has still not made its way to the open and free inclusion of the full-figured women. You know, the ones that check the "thick' box instead of fat when given the option.
Well, let me tell you, full-figured is in. In a big way.
Blame it on the recession or not, but intelligent men have moved past the stereotypical carbox-thin chicks on each and every magazine and our seeking big girls with big hearts. It's not that looks don't matter, it's just that superficial doesn't matter. And that's a good thing.
So, here's to the beautiful struggle and the love that will result in the end.



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