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What if the Obamas were ghetto?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let's be honest: When you first first heard about Barack Obama, you had no idea the substance of the man. You didn't know he had come out of Harvard or Harlem. You didn't know if he was a lawyer or a layman. You didn't know that his wife was a professional executive in Chicago, rather than a stay at home mom with two tween daughters.
Now, when you found out that stuff out, regardless of the man's speaking ability and likeability, did it make a difference?
Because, if it did, what if the Obamas were hood? What if they were ghetto? Would you still support them? Would you still think they are the epitome of easy style?
What if Obama had a baby mama and did a short bid in college? Would it matter?
Now ask yourself, why?



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