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Weave: Why it will never die

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

People have been all over weave as of late, from Tyra Banks declaring a 'Real Hair Day' to Chris Rock's Good Hair" myopic biopic on lye, stop it. Weave is wonderful, though.
How else can a person with 1-centimeter follicles enter a building and emerge a few hours later with HTB (hair-touch-butt) syndrome?

It's unbeweavable, man.
Weave will never die (although it will periodically fall into disfavor, short of like Hooters wings) but if anything,  after a while, it will multiply. Weave has advantages that real hair just doesn't have. Face it, weave = instant gratification. Want long hair? Buy long hair. Want brown illustrious curls? Buy brown illustrious curls?
Real hair doesn't even have events and stuff (Hair Wars, anyone?).
Real hair is boring, a stogey library to the endless HTMLevator that is hair weave.
Weave, I salute you (and weave, unlike real hair, salutes me back).



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