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The Cult of ... Ray J?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It happened sometime a few years ago actually, but it's momentum has been speeding at a frightening pace: Ray j, who's singing career is akin to Tiger Wood's basketball game, is big. Let me repeat that: Ray J, who's acting career is akin to Diddy's rapping skills, is big.
Some can argue that it happened when he got all the publicity of a B-movie superstar when his sex tape with Kim Kardashian was leaked. Others will say his 'consistent, high-level artistry" in music and film have catapulted him to the successful sex symbol (gulp, I know, I know) that he is today.
Smash that, homie.
Ray J is big because he has a timely trifecta working in his favor: A hot VH1 reality show, infamy associated with B-list celebrity sex kittens (Kim K, Lil Kim, and yes, Whitney). Of course, his TV past on "Moesha" didn't hurt him any. Consider this though: Ray J is so hot right now that he is no longer "Brandy's little brother," instead Brandy is "Ray J's older sister."
Need further proof?
"Smashed the homie" is in the American lexicon now.
Thanks, Ray J. We owe you big time.



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