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Would you make a better mother than wife?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

If you had to choose between mother and wife, then the answer is obvious: New life, a fresh start at molding a human being is the most joyous, rewarding privilege in this world. So great is the duty, than thousands of women each week give birth to children, little people that love and embody their mothers so much.
But does being a good mother automatically mean that you'd be a good wife? Conversely, if a man is a good father does it mean he would be a good husband? Should it? I mean, the skill set is the same as far as dependency and commitment (100%) but oftentimes we fall short in our relationships because we don't give the same benefits to our mates as we do our children.
Some celebrities say they choose to have children and not husbands when they actually are simply giving in to their inclinations to stop trying.
As for the child whom we forgive so much, he/she is just a child you say, and yes, maturity plays a role. But a child is wired to forgive mistakes, yours as much as their own (ever see a baby beat themselves up for falling on the ground?)
We all have a duty to love the people in our lives with everything we've got. That means love and embodiment 100%.



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