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Sanaa Lathan avoids critics of 'Tin Roof'

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

American actress Sanaa Lathan, currently enjoying a run in the play "Cat in a Tin Roof" in Europe, is throwing shade to all the theater critics.
Lathan is determined to play her role (Maggie) without the emotional baggage that comes from hearing the naysayers chirp.
"I learned my lesson a long time ago not to read reviews until the run is over because I don't want to get anything in my head about the performance until it's done," according to Contactmusic.
"Sometimes in this business you don't get to use all of your chops. This role is the pinnacle of roles for a woman my age. It's scary, challenging... she goes through a lot of emotions. I couldn't say no to it."
Neither can the critics. At least one has assailed her accent as being "all over the place."
Don't worry, Sanaa, "Tin Roof " is a winner. Let your haters be ya motivators.



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