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Nicki Minaj: Hip-Hop Queen?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Young Money artist Nicki Minaj has nary an album out but is the hottest female in the rap game already?
How could this happen?
How could a lyrical novice with barely two mixtapes and a handful of features be a serious contender for hip-hop queen?
Call it good timing.
The female rap crown has been passed around like a spliff at a concert, with no artist with enough momentum and support to carry fans from one album to the next. Only in the pop and R&B markets have female artists been able to grow their fan base in a very slow and dliberate way.
Nicky's "Beam Me Up Scotty" has endeared her to fans, but it's her association with the hottest name in rap, a lil guy by the name of Dwayne that has mad her into a rap superstar.
Will she be able to turn the popularity she has into actual album sales? Time will tell, but one thing we do know, and that is that fickle fans' wallets are as light as a rock right about now.




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