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Love Deluxe: Hip-hoppers jones for Sade

Friday, February 12, 2010

It is rare that a songbird from another era and genre is held in such high regard in the hip-hop community as Sade Abu, who just released her long-awaited album "Soldier of Love," to critical acclaim. Whether you think she should allow a rapper to be on her song or not is one thing, but the respect they have for her music is something else.
Interviewed by New York Magazine, peep what some of the top rap artists today had to say about the "Smooth Operator."

Keri Hilson: My Dad would whistle Sade melodies randomly all the time. As a kid, I used to try to whistle along to "Cherish the Day" or "Sweetest Taboo." He was a real Sade fan and made me one, too! We couldn't be in his car even for five minutes without hearing her voice!

Rakim: I grew up on soul music, but when my pops introduced me to Sade just before Diamond Life hit, it was a revelation. That voice and her style just took out even the hardest hood at the knees. "Smooth Operator" may have been a smash for everyone worldwide, but that was my track, and you can catch me referencing what she was trying to get across from Paid in Full up to my new album.

Talib Kweli: My favorite Sade memory is watching her perform Love Deluxe in its entirety at Madison Square Garden. The band (Sweetback) was so tight, and even though she left her spot at the mike only a couple of times, when she did she was so sexy it was magical. I learned a lot about precision that night. There was not a note or move out of place.


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