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Alicia Keys, Jay-Z won't do World Cup song

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mo 'York'? That's the word today from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' camp, who were supposed to collab again to record an anthem for the World Cup.
The duo, who garnered immediate success with "Empire State of Mind," and gained an immediate groupie by the named of Lil Mama, couldn't put lightning in a bottle a second time. According to Keys, the pair didn't feel comfortable enough with the sport, with Keys indicating her unfamiliarity would hurt the music. "If we did a record about soccer it would be obvious we didn't know much more about the sport than who David Beckham is,” said Keys, who dropped "Empire State of Mind 2" on her album "The Element of Freedom".
Of course, that hasn't stopped music executives in the past from cashing in or trends, and it obviously hasn't stopped fans from buying songs by artists who they don't understand (Yeah, Souljaboy, YOU tellem).
While it's questionable as to whether the two would be able to produce a track with the same passion and truthfulness that "Empire" had, it's no question that Lil Wayne, if he were free, would have not only jumped at the chance, but put a few rhymes together in, say, the time it takes red syrup to be poured into Styrofoam.
Don't worry, A. Keys, and Jay, "Empire" is aging just fine, thank you.




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