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Has Mel B's Workout Overdone It?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Former Spice Girl Mel B did in quick fashion want countless women dreamed of doing: She shed "baby weight" pounds off her body like a stick of margarine in the sunshine. Thanks to a sick workout plan and a dogged determination to show up Eddie Murphy (the baby's father), Mel B produced stunning results in weeks: Rock-hard abs, toned thighs, etc.
But lost in the excess poundage was another item, to many people, that endeared them to Mel B: She lost her booty.
Yes, Mel B, in trying to look sleek as a statue, shed the little bit of rump she had.
Now, some people see nothing wrong with that, but there are some of us, ahem, some of us, yes, that think the ends don't justify the means.
I mean, what's wrong with a little chubbiness if you're proportioned in the right way?
Losing weight is one thing; losing a figure is something else. Sure, Mel B looks like she can win a weight-lifting competition, but you know what? A lot of men don't want you to look like you could win a weight-lifting competition. They want you to look normal, regular. But, call me old-fashioned.



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